“Give It A Name!”

I never though I’d be doing this! I am about to hand the GOP the keys to the kingdom — I wonder if they’ll use them.

Whether or not the Republicans believe they’re in deep dark serious WTF-level trouble or not, one things for certain: the “Progressives” are poised to run rampant, confident in their superior position. This position is strengthened — nay, aided and abetted — by Republican unwillingness to listen to voices of reason on their side of the aisle.

So, here’s a new dress for the inaugural ball, GOP. All you have to do is …

… come up with a new slogan!

Okay, it’s not quite that simple. Your new slogan has to reflect a return to your roots — a reconnection with your 20th century core philosophy.

And I propose this slogan: “The Party of Choice”

Hmm, that sounds familiar. Perhaps I need to elaborate. Pick an issue, any issue.

Health care, you say? All right, who’s the party of choice? The Democrats advance socialized medicine: a “one size fits all” approach to health care. Where’s the choice in that? So, Republicans: drop demonizing an already discredited approach and develop one where each individual picks, from a free market buffet table, the plan that suits them best. And what about the poor and indigent? With costs lowered by competition, everyone has more to spend; more people can afford it to begin with. Charities will benefit from a better economy. Health care costs will be reduced. Means testing will reduce fraudulent claims or “free” insurance. The possibilities are literally endless. (Maybe Michael Bloomberg will donate to causes that assist people instead of trying to buy control with his money!)

The list goes on. Republicans can create a platform consisting of three planks: (1) strong citizens; (2) strong markets; (3) strong defense.

(1) Strong citizens: we are endowed with unalienable rights — life, liberty, property. Government’s place is to cherish and protect those rights, not abridge, qualify, or infringe them. We choose to live our own lives without interference.

(2) Strong markets: we have the capability to be the strongest economy in the world, if we let the market work without government distortion. That rising tide floats all boats. The inequities in the current model are not market weaknesses; they are anomalies caused by the government-mercantilist complex. We choose to grow a vibrant economy.

(3) Strong defense: what other nations do is their own business, not ours. We have no authority to coerce, invade, or otherwise aggress against other nations and their people. We choose to focus on our own defense.

So what do you think, GOP? Is there enough life left in you to accept this line of reasoning? And you “Progressives”, where do you find fault, and why?

[I owe thanks to many people for the ideas expressed above. While they are not my own, I feel the need to express them in my own way. Unlike others who pay lip service, I really would like to “open a conversation” on these ideas, and I welcome any and all feedback.]

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